Propane Chiller
for breweries

Refrigeration is essential for breweries. During the fermentation of the wort, for example, counter-cooling is needed to maintain the right temperature. Subsequently, the temperature has to be reduced to 0°C for the lagering. At the end of the brewing process, the brew is heated again, after which the temperature has to be reduced again to a certain level. In addition, the brew also has to be cooled during pasteurisation and, naturally, refrigeration is also needed to keep all ingredients fresh.

A complex issue, but one we can provide the answer to. For example, late in 2015 we were the first Belgian company to build an air-cooled propane chiller for a brewery. Not only is this solution environmental friendly, it’s also easy on the budget: an ammonia-based installation would have cost the brewery concerned 25% more. Also, worth mentioning: the propane chiller system works on a mere 24 kg of propane, which is actually less than your average barbecue.

Ammonia installation & chillpack for the storage of 2,000 tons of pears

Cooling installations using the natural refrigerant ammonia not only comply with European standards and legislation, they also result in better storage conditions. For example, with an ammonia installation, you can refrigerate and respond quickly, which enables you to create optimal storage conditions.

In addition, our cooling installations are controlled by the intuitive Chillpack: a unique and user-friendly control system we have developed in-house. Chillpack orchestrates the behaviour of the cooling cells and the engine room, which results in the ideal cooling activity on the one hand, and adds to the energy-efficiency of the installation on the other.

We built an ammonia installation for, amongst others, a fruit grower who stores 2,000 tons of Conference pears. In addition to controlling and monitoring the classical parameters such as temperature and gas conditions, using Chillpack, the fruit grower also has access to more extensive diagnostic measuring and recording data. All data is stored in our service cloud and any deviations are detected from there.

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